Contractors Add Jobs That Hit Highest Level Since June 2009

Contractors added 19,000 employees in March according to The Associated General Contractors of America, which brought the industry employment to the highest level since June of 2009 even though the employment rate is the lowest in 7 years. This is in effort to make contractors eligible to prevent labor shortages with the expanding demands of the market.

According to Ken Simmons, Associated General Contractors of America’s chief economist, this past year the rate of construction is greater than the amount of jobs in the industry. This is because there has been a balanced increase in both residential and non-residential construction over the past 12 months.

The federal, state and local governments are attempting to fight the labor shortages by developing a process to make it easier for firms, schools and trade associations to create training programs. These new training programs will benefit secondary-level construction programs as many experienced laborers have been leaving and returning to the industry but it is not enough to reach the demand necessary for the economic upswing. During a time when hope for recovery is so important, the last thing the country needs is a labor shortage.